Sunday, 8 November 2009


Here's what happens. I bead along happily, minding my own business, then somebody mentions a tutorial. Hmmm...I think, and rarely bother to check it out. Then beads start appearing from other bead makers. NICE! I think.....oh, they're from that tutorial. Hmmmmmm.........then MORE beads start appearing. Oh bum, I think. And off I go to buy the tutorial. In all honesty, that still doesn't mean I'll make the beads with it. But in this case, it does. Amy Kinsch's tutorial on storm beads is fab, and, above all, really straightforward. And I could even do it in the dark deep cellar.

On the studio front, I *think* the door and window are being put in. But then, I thought that before, so I'm fresh out of promised finishing dates for now.

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