Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Candy Cane Christmas market and a bit of a natter

This week-end is the Craft Candy - Candy Cane Christmas market, at the Sheffield Workstation (near the train station). You can see more information here. I'll be there on both days with jewellery, and have been making original items (like the Mad Hatter necklace I blogged yesterday). It's a funny old balance, isn't it? With beads and some jewellery in one shop, bridal jewellery and tiaras in another shop, work in a local gallery, and an etsy shop that is in the process of being resurrected, as well as fairs to attend, what do you list where? And when do you list it? So, I will be taking the new jewellery items to the fair, and on Monday, there shall be a listing frenzy. Expect keys on silk ribbons, fabulous chokers, and more poetry necklaces...unless they all sell, of course ;o)

Oh, and I did another interview yesterday, parked by the roadside on my mobile, since that was the only way to get a very excited birthday boy to fall asleep so I could have a good natter with the PR lady - watch this space - we need to book a photo, where's my 'airbrush?

Oh (lol, that's two 'ohs' - a bit like Columbo!), and munchkin the birthday boy discovered a bigger flame than from mummy's torch - the fire tornado at the Magna Centre in Rotherham!

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  1. Oh, I'd love to go there. Maybe next time?
    Can't wait for new things to admire, too :o)