Friday, 27 November 2009

I need a new bust

Recently, I posted on a lovely forum about how to display large necklaces - I got lots of fabulous responses, that gave me loads of ideas!! Dutifully, I bought some polystyrene insulation, a cheap second-hand picture frame, an old velvet jersey top, and a staple gun. Not too long afterwards, I had a pretty 'picture' of velvet, to which I could pin my jewellery. just wasn't right. So, with two days of Christmas fairs to go, I decided I needed a bust - and a big one at that! Not being a woman who does things by half, I ordered three. Fingers crossed they'll arrive today. So, here's a 'before the new bust' photo - do you think getting the new busts will help me get noticed at the fair???? I hadn't realised just how important a good bust was..........



  1. Good Luck Sabine, I've ordered mine on the 9/11 and I'm still waiting. Admittedly they lost my order so they finally posted it last Friday but guess what, 1st class and I'm still waiting!

    Sorry for the moan. I hope your fair goes well.

  2. Thanks Mary...well, I got a notification via email that they were posted yesterday, and when I came home today, there ws a 'sorry you were out' card in the letterbox, so fingers crossed I'll pick them up on my way to the fair tomorrow!

  3. I've got my fingers crossed!

  4. Well Sabine, a bigger bust has never done me any harm LOL. Good luck with it.