Monday, 16 November 2009

And begins!

The first torch moved into the studio under cover of darkness yesterday...and tonight, come hell or high water, I'll be making beads there - even if I have to carry a single rod of glass across.

Don't get me wrong - it's not 'finished'. Not in the 'everything's pretty, and clean, and dusted, and the fairy lights are up, and the potted plant is out'. In fact, anything but! I am two clamps short of setting up the full ventilation (and here was me, thinking I'd counted it out beautifully). I also have two 90 degree bends spare, since the design I had in mind just didn't work. So it's not as pretty as I'd hoped, but after setting fire to a random worktop offcut yesterday, I can confirm my ventilation works. I still need to sort out glass storage (OH had a very clever idea here - watch this space!!!!), and...well, carry everything across apart from one torch, one oxy, and one bottle of propane. My old hothead is set up on a splitter from the mega minor, so, I guess I carried two torches across. Still contemplating whether to mount it as an 'occasional third torch' and for demos, or whether to re-connect my Sievert silversmithing torch.

You know what I'm actually looking forward to? Not running out of propane...but simply switching torches. I have now owned the midrange plus for pretty much half a year, and since the new studio was always just 'round the corner', I've still never set it up, nor lit it. Criminal, really! I won't take any more pictures until I'm 'in' a bit more...and I guess I better go out and buy that potted plant!

Since there are no studio photos, have the newest dragonfly :o)


  1. Die Libelle ist wunderschön und wenn ich da wäre würde ich helfen. Das weißt Du hoffentlich!