Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Tantalisingly close...

I have a set of keys to the door in the picture. You will notice the foam spurting from any crevice, and what you can't see is the pile of junk that is still inside. Fingers crossed, the elves (in the shape of DH) will knuckle down properly on Saturday, while I'm doing the first Christmas fair of the year, at the Leopold Hotel in Sheffield - why not pop by and say 'hi', if you're around?

And I think I will go this lunchtime and get a spare key bright pink, with flowers on it. Then I shall make a big, chunky bead to go on the key ring - no mistaking which is the key to my studio! And just to carry on a discussion from elsewhere - if a studio in a shed is a shedio, is a studio in a garage a gudio? A goodio? A garudio? A studage? Answers on a postcard, please!


  1. Saturday is going to be so hectic for us that much as I would love to visit your stand at the craft fair, making the one-hour round trip means it's probably out of the question. (I only live 16 miles away but the traffic in Sheffield is always a total nightmare on Saturdays. Or any other day of the week for that matter. The town planners have made sure of that by making cars very unwelcome. Roads choked and diabolical parking facilities. There are 38 sets of traffic lights between us and the city centre. End of rant - sorry about that !! )
    Please let us know where you are going to have your stuff on sale or display next.

  2. Hi Jean, well, there's only one thing for that - come directly to the source on my open day on the 21st, in Bolsterstone, near Stocksbridge. I live about 10 miles away from Sheffield, too, and drive in every day (past Hillsborough football ground), so I know what you mean. But you should be able to get to Bolsterstone without ever touching Sheffield - across the Peaks, if you want! It would be lovely to see you!