Monday, 23 November 2009

The advantages of a 4am start

When the little one decided 4am was a reasonable getting up time, I was...erm...disappointed. But then I realised: what an opportunity! So, by the time I got to work at 7.45am, I had:

- cleaned yesterday's beads
- made a pendant and earring set up out of 'champagne bottle beads' for a celebratory graduation commission
- got to know the engraving gadget on my dremel a bit better
- packaged yesterday's orders up
- checked and replied to emails
- sketched a few ideas to do with my new
jewellery range
- had lots of cuddles with munchkin, showed him how to use hammer & anvil for silversmithing
- done all the mundane household things: showering, making lunch, having breakfast
- bought some milk on the way to work.

I have also learnt that I need way more PPP for my engraving tool to create what I want it to!

New beads went online yesterday, I'm attaching a close-up of my favourite focal/set combo, and a little butterfly.


  1. Thank goodness my two are too old to be getting up at 4am - they are getting old enough to be just coming home at 4am (OMG no!) LOL.

    Beautiful butterfly - I must have a look as I am intrigued by the close up of the focal.


  2. Could we see a pic of the champagne bottle beads please ? I have seen them in an American magazine but never here. Would you be able to do some for me ? (We have a sizeable collection of champagne bottle tops owing to a mispent middle-age, when champagne was cheaper, too !)

  3. Of course, Jean :o) I blogged them here:

    ...the jewellery can be found on my Now Forevermore website here: - if you're after a different design or just want the beads, just send me an email (either or :o)

  4. Thanks Fiona, I do love making butterflies, I just hope people don't reach saturation point with them :o)