Thursday, 5 November 2009

Can you say pretty, please?

I'm at work on my lunch hour. Yesterday, I came home to find that the gables have been mortared, as has the very top of the roof, where it joins the house. No more leaks. The skip out front is fit to burst, it's that full, and a distinct sense of 'tidy up' is becoming apparent. If I say 'pretty, please' - will that ensure the door & window will be in when I get back from work - leaving me free to brush down the walls & move in? What do you think?

And meanwhile, I'm hearing rumours that, all over the country, the results from last week's course are arriving by courier. If I say 'pretty, pretty, please, pretty, please' - do you think I'll have the doors & the window, *and* a notice saying my casts are with a neighbour, rather than in a depot 100,000,000 miles away?

Pretty, pretty, please, pretty, pretty, pretty, please!

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