Sunday, 22 November 2009

Mojo alert!

There are weeks, even months, when mojos go on holiday - mine included. Then, suddenly, ideas burst out everywhere.........that's where I'm at at this precise moment in time. Never mind Christmas fairs, never mind the job, never mind the fact that there's lots to do in the studio yet.....I want to PLAY! I've had ideas for jewellery especially, and I'm keeping back some butterflies to explore these ideas.....sorry!

But there are still plenty of beads from my open day yesterday that will go online either late tonight or early tomorrow - if you want to be on my mailing list, just send me an email at and tell me so, and I'll add you in a flash!


  1. Ah ha thats where it went you have it LOL ;o)


  2. Welcome back to your mojo, not that it was obvious it had gone on holiday, lots of inspiration still coming from you. xx

  3. Lol, Sam, it'll come back! Fiona, it hadn't left, just a major inspiration on the jewellery front.....really wish I was at home working on it, rather than at work, lol!