Thursday, 5 November 2009

THAT poem

I'll take a photo of the final piece when I get it, but wanted to share the epiphany of the poem that went into it. I wanted to create a piece that I could look upon as inspiration, for my chosen path, which now looks more and more like a lampworker's path once my current contract finishes. I wanted something that spoke of beauty and fighting spirit...I found it hard to describe exactly what I meant...and it took me three days to realise that a poem I first discovered as an 18-year-old, by good old Nietzsche, and one of my favourite poems of all times, was already saying what I was feeling, better than I ever could. I finally tracked down a translation, too, after cobbling together a translation myself for ages. So, without further ado, Nietzsche, Ecce Homo:

Yes, I know from where I came!
Ever hungry like a flame,
I consume myself and glow.
Light grows all that I conceive,
Ashes everything I leave:
Flame I am assuredly.

So, for all of us, here's to 'being flame'.