Sunday, 31 January 2010

What lurks in that cupboard?

I'm spring cleaning. Well no, not really, but I'm getting very annoyed with my ineptitude to keep my findings in one place, so every time I make a piece of jewellery, the search starts - where are the jump rings? They jumped away! Ceramic Spacers? Lost in space! Loose chain? Unchained and gone walkies. Don't get me started on head pins, my pliers, or my bead reamer! So (once again, trust me, this is not the first time) I vow to do better, and start little boxes. And come across a little bag of scrap silver. It doesn't look familiar. Hang on...I've got another bag of scrap silver...somewhere. Forget tidying up, I'm on a money-making mission! After unearthing two more small bags of scrap silver, I find a piece of jewellery that I made in my beginner's silver smithing class back in 2005. Okay, I was proud of it in week 2 of my course, but let's be honest - I'll never wear it. Neither will I ever wear (or have I ever worn) that huuuuge cuff I reticulated towards the end of my first year, or the bangle that I engraved so wonkily. Hang on!! This is starting to look promising! Out come mis-shapen castings (at which point, I find a pair of tiny 'blob' earstuds made of casting scrap, and put them to one side - they will get worn again!)

I'm still looking, but I've gone over the 200g mark. Now all I need to do is send it off, and the order I just placed at Cookson Gold will be - for want of a better word - free! Recycling, kind of.

In honour of the 'heavy metal' theme, a metallic rose topper:


  1. wow! how's something I hadn't thought about, so as from today any scrap silver will be bagged!

    Where do you send it off too?

    Hope you continue your springclean mood....... ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. Cookson Gold definitely take them (at better prices than those 'gold for cash' ads on telly). I know 'proper' silversmiths save the sawdust from sawing silver, but that would amount to maybe 1g a year for me, lol! Offcuts are a different thing! Happy scrap-hunting!

  3. Fab idea, I am scrap hunting this afternoon, I love this ring topper (ring topper is on my Easter wish list :) ) xxx

  4. sorry to be the bearer of bad news sweety, but you have to have 1kg to send to cooksons! i know cos i've just done the same as you but i managed to get 1050g!!

  5. Noooooooooooooo, Becci!!!! Seriously? heck, I better keep looking then - although this might take me soime time, lol!

  6. if i'd known you could've sent it to me and tagged onto mine :o( if you go in and hand it over the counter there's no restriction - are you going to Birmingham soon!!

  7. Absolutely mindblowingly beautiful.