Friday, 8 January 2010

Mountains, Mohammed, and other things

This morning, I drove as near to the sorting centre as I could, walked the rest, and picked up my mail. Boy, were they happy to see me! It was the first day they were open, and they were drowning in mail. Alas, the parcel I've been waiting for has not yet arrived - a real blow, it's been on the road for more than two weeks now, from Germany. But I guess the weather isn't helping anybody.

Beads sold straight off Flickr all week, but I will list what I have later on. Making Jewellery Magazine should land on subscriber's door steps tomorrow, a reminder to get sorted for Valentine's Day!

Here some rough pups that I'm rather partial to :o)


  1. oh loving these, the colour of them is beautiful,x

  2. Scheint dann aber ja doch noch geklappt zu haben, mit der Post.
    Die hier sind auch schön :o)