Monday, 25 January 2010

What a lovely week-end!

On Saturday, a group of lovely people descended on my studio, bearing biscuits, chocolate, homemade fudge, and lots of other goodies! We had such a fab time, playing with the torches, demo-ing to each other, and...hmmm....expanding our horizons. Dawn brought her grinder, and June brought her Koil Cutter...and now I have tool envy ;o) No, seriously, thank you all for a fantastic Saturday!

On Sunday, I had a bit more time making beads, and since the first two rose ring toppers sold before I could even take a proper photo of them, here's one:

I am liking these very much, and I hope the ring system will take the UK by storm, lol!


  1. This ring topper is stunning, love it. It is a fab system xxx

  2. this is gorgeous, LOVE IT! ;o)

    Glad you had a fab weekend too....makes you want more of them! haha!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  3. Hi Lovely I have nominated you for a Sunshine award xx

  4. Thank you all, yes, I definitely need more of these! I still need to photograph the beads from it - better get on with it tonight! Sabine x

  5. Hi Sabine,

    Love your new rings. I have also nominated you for a Sunshine Award - but didn't realise you already had been nominated by Mel P. At least you know your blog is spreading lots of happiness :)


  6. Oops - see