Sunday, 3 January 2010

Little grumbles

Some days, I swear my torch is out to get me. Of course, it's not, it's always human error! But why is it that:

- I made a commissioned set - with a base on clear - only to find out that...errr, no, one of them has a base of pale, pale blue transparent?
- I made three virtually identical focals for a tutorial. One broke in two coming off the mandrel, one has a tiny flaw in it, and the third shows a hairline crack near one hole?
- What I thought was coral turns out to be CiM Phoenix?
- My opaque turquoise glass has disappeared?

...and all in one day?

Yes, okay, give it to me: If I was tidier, calmer, better prepared, thinking things through in advance, I wouldn't have had these problems. Work starts again tomorrow, that's my excuse.


..., that was rambling, and an unusual post for me. Still........nobody's perfect ;o) At least I got to show you my new 'Crossroads' beads :o)

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