Friday, 22 January 2010

Catching up!!!

Apologies, the day job has been getting in the way....but things have been happening, nonetheless!

Here's what's happened since the last blog:

1) I launched the RingXChange range on my website - see here! You only need one ri
ng, which is stainless steel, with a screw in it
, then all toppers have the matching nut, one ring
fits all toppers, and feel free
to experiment with creating 'washers' out of other m
aterials - I have a couple ready, but still need to take photos. No, that's a's a piece of driftwood from my honeymoon! I have made some rose and other flower toppers, too, but not had a chance to list them!

2) I have been on a fabu
lous course with Claudia Trimbur-Pagel, who is a lovely lady, and a great teacher! I am still waiting for my beads from the course, but will post photos when I get them!

3) I have finally
connected my Midrange burner, and am now officially owner of a two
-torch studio, equipped to teach two people at the same time, so...bring it on! :o)

4) As if that was not enough, I have agreed to teach a group workshop in November, 6 peo
ple, so I will have a 'travelling' set-up of hothead torches.

5) I have been busy writing tutorials, both for magazines and a
book. In this month's Making Jewellery magazine, you can find three of my tutorials, two involving
lampwork beads, including a kanji bead with
the Japanese/Chinese for 'Love', just in time for Valentine's Day. The 'Hidden Love' choker reveals the bead as you move, hi
dden by dangly sterling squiggles.

My roses are featured in this month's Bead Magazine.

And finally, I got the images from when the press came to call back in November/December. Shaun Flannery sent them, and here's my favourite:

...and my apologies for the rubbish formatting in this post!

So...things have been busy :o)


  1. I love my rings and have had so many comments!

  2. Wow, you have been busy... and I love the photo of you.

    As yours is a blog I read regularly and really enjoy, I am passing on the Sunshine Award to you.

    See my blog for details.

    Coburg Crafts

    Take care,


  3. Phew, good to know you're still alive!

    I really might come and book myself for a tutorial. But when? We'll need to talk :o)

  4. Lovely beads, as always !
    I have nominated you for one of those awards that do the rounds. I hope you like it.
    You need to check in here to get it.