Sunday, 3 May 2009

Message on a Bead

It's been so long since I blogged, it's disgraceful! And it's not like nothing's happened, either. I mean, there was the Flame Off!!! How could I not have blogged about that? Ah well, I wrote it up for the fabulous German bead making magazine Vorsicht Glas!, so once that's out, I'll shout it from the roof tops, and you can all buy a copy and learn German to read it ;o) Seriously, I will write something in a while, if only so I can post a photo of Cyril, the wonky dragon I made there!

But I'm just as excited about a more recent
 event.......the taming of the blasted stringers!! 
And as a result, I've been writing on beads. If anybody had told me that I would be offering custom Japanese/Chinese signs (kanji) and custom messages, I'd have laughed them out of the door :o) And yet......lo' and behold...I'm rather chuffed with myself, except now there's another avenue to pursue...hmmmmmm.....what beads should I make next?

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