Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Enter the Dragon

I played with boro. Welcome to the Dark Side. I couldn't help it, there were all these large torches at the Flame Off, and the promise of bigger sculptures was too tempting. So I made a dragonfly. And then someone pointed at the dragon some proper artist had made (I still don't know who it was), and said 'why don't you make a dragon?

So I did.

I've never sworn so much (apologies) and laughed so much making anything. It fell apart, it got fused back together, and it's got clump feet. It's also not an 'it' - it's a 'he'. He's called Cyril, nd he's a swashbuckling daredevil of a dragon. And I love him.

I have just bought a kilo of boro rods from the fantastically talented Julie Anne Denton, who is moving to Switzerland and is shedding glass. Not literally. I'm half hoping she's infused these rods with some of her talent, which I'll then be able to pick up. I've also bought 'Flameworking' by Elizabeth Ray Mears - it came yesterday. Everything in place - apart from a second oxy. However, the lovely Becky has bought me 'Boro on one oxy', a tutorial. All I really need to do is to get started. Wah!!


  1. So how is the boro coming along???

  2. *sigh* I will have to wait until the garage is done before I set up properly - at the moment, everything is such a mess, and I'm so busy, I'm scared of plonking a boro rod in the midst if my COE104 and mess things up big time :-) Fingers crossed things will be in place for my birthday in October!