Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The last dregs

Yesterday, I needed new gas. Is that ever easy?? I think this is the fourth big tank I've gone through, so three exchanges. The first time, I got back to find out that the gas was 'dirty, and messed up all my beads. I had to go back and exchange it. The second time was after the floods, and I didn't realise the shop I exchange my gas at was affected - a trip in vain. Yesterday, toddler and I left early (read: I finished work early, picked up toddler ealy, and off we toddled). Toddler on one hand, 17kg (empty) gas tank in the other, we entered the shop. Got a new one in record time. Got to the till, got my card out (gone up in price! By a fiver, too!) - the card machine's not working. Only option, take toddler and race to the nearest cashpoint. Cars are stagnant outside, so it's a walk. No buggy. And the shop closes in less than 30 mins. Toddler goes up on shoulders, and off we race. Toddler was happy on the way there, but by the time we were on the way back, he was not a happy bunny. We did make it with five minutes to spare. So beads did get made last night. Hurray! Thought I'd share some of my handmade jewellery instead of beads...although, of course, they do include my beads, too. Have a nice day, everybody!

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