Thursday, 11 March 2010

Strangest commission?

You never know what can happen when you take commissions! And this very moment, I've got two running, each winning a top title. One in the category 'loveliest thought' - I'll write more about that soon! But yesterday, I got a commission for a courgette necklace. I had the day off work to stand at a local business event, flogging my wares. It was a networking event, so I didn't expect much in the way of sales, so I was surprised when a lady stopped by my stall and to a shining to my bramble tiara. It transpired that she works as a children's entertainer under the stage name of 'Madame Zucchini and her vegetable theatre'. We worked out that the tiara was maybe a bit OTT and not necessarily the safest costume part around lots of children, when she asked whether I could possibly make her a courgette necklace. Well!! I love a challenge :o) So watch this space for some courgettes in the near future, and watch out for Madame Zucchini and her vegetable theatre!!

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