Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I have a fair in four days. That in itself is not cause for panic - except for the fact that I wanted to change my range until then, and create a number of new pieces of jewellery for it. And therefore, the beads for that! Well, that's unlikely to happen! Fortunately, I found some pieces that I'd made in a frenzy for the Christmas fair I did, and guess what? They aren't even on my website! Funny how they're not selling, eh? Ah well, at least they'll mean I'll have stock!

I didn't manage to add new beads to the site this week-end, due to life getting in the way. However, expect a little (only a little, mind!) flurry of activity tomorrow night!

A non-beady photo, to explain one of the reasons why I've not made as many beads as I would've liked: work took me to Greece for a couple of days last week!

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  1. Fog in Greece... Must be something special.