Thursday, 4 March 2010

Maybe I've gone bonkers, but...

...this week's beads tell a story, I think. I only realised it on my way to work. See what you think (bead names in bold)!

The Rough Pups Were Feeling Blue.

Life was stressful, they were running around, being here, going there, always just keeping on top of things. And, over time, the world seemed to lose its colour. Everything seemed muted, soft, without colour. It was as if everything around them spoke 'Sotto Voce', 'under their voice'. The world, in short, was not as it should be.

The struggled to understand. Colour was seeping away, from their days, even from their dreams. They went to The Magic Tree to ask for advice. Its branches were silvery blue, as if it got its colour from the night sky itself.

The rough pups told the tree of their problems, and it said "I might be able to help. Let my branches reach out, reach within you. Let the Tribal Dreams stored within me guide you on your way."

The rough pups saw the tree tremble and shiver, and its branches and leaves reached out to them. The world basked in a shimmery blue. Everything around them now glistened and gleamed, in the beautiful shades of blue the Magic Tree had shown them. The rough pups thanked the tree and went on their way in wonder. Yet, the further away they got, the less the magic seemed to work. Life, everyday worries pushed the magic away as they carried on living as before. They weren't sure what to do. Visit the tree every day, to see more of the magic? Or just accept that life would be in black and white? One morning, a rough pup woke up and turned to the others, and said "Remember When Your Dreams Were In Colour?

When they were green, and blue, and purple, and yellow, and red, and brown, and swirled and dreamy?" The others nodded. "Who can help with our dreams?" They asked themselves. Then they knew. Morpheus, the God of Sleep. He'd know what to do.

They reached Morpheus, and he nodded sagely when they told him of their troubles. "This has happened before, my little rough pups", he said gently. "You've simply lost your way. Nobody can give you back the colour in your life, or in your dreams. You must remember who you are, and what you aim for. To find the colour again in your life, you must be Rooted in the Stars, rooted in your dreams. You must reach and explore, and be brave, and fall, and get up, and try again. Your dreams are who you are. Even when you are stressed, or sad, you must dare to dream, and dream in colour. Then the roots from your dreams will reach through the stars to you."

So the rough pups made time to dream. Not just when they were asleep, but during the day, too. They made plans that were new, and uncertain, and sometimes a little mad. They took risks, and sometimes, they fell flat on their faces, but when things worked out, they were beautiful. And when they didn't, they helped each other up. And tried again. And soon, the colour returned, and their lives were bold and beautiful again.


....told you it was bonkers. :o)
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  1. What beautiful beads. And a story worthy of any campfire! Great idea!

  2. The beads aren't bad either!

    We need our black and white moments to make us appreciate the colour more. Loved the story!

  3. *sigh* So beautiful and true!

  4. Thank you all :o) I'll see what this week's beads are telling me!

  5. Love the intricate details of your bead work.they are so beautifully designed and stringed together to create a fascinating look.Also the colors which you have chosen make them brilliant.Your handwork no less than artwork is worthy of praise.

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