Saturday, 17 October 2009

With effort, like a squirrel

There's a German saying 'the squirrel feeds itself with effort' - presumably referring to a lot of effort to get into one dinky little nut. Anyway. The building inspector came Monday and gave the go ahead, but the builder could only come out Saturday. So yesterday, they started. They were also supposed to finish, I think, ready for the roofer to move in on Monday. This got slightly scuppered when it took three hours alone to remove a stone ready for the RSJ to hold the gable end. So they said they'd come back today (Sunday) to carry on. That was before they saw that the RSJ they had chosen was buckling under the first two rows of stones they'd managed to build up......about four rows to they took them down again, and the build is now held up until they can find the right RSJ for the job. There's another German saying - 'things that take forever will finally come good' - here's to hope, lol!


  1. Why is it these things never go as smoothly as they should, Sabine? Still, everything comes to he who waits, so I'm sure the wait will be worth it.

  2. Fingers crossed it gets back on track and you'll be in your new studio soon!

  3. Thank you both...I hope there'll be movement when I get home tonight!!!