Thursday, 29 October 2009

Day 3

Right......what did we do. Calm breath, remember....oh, it's all a whirl! After our morning discussion (how's it going, where do we go from here?) Julie decided to split the class into two levels of flameworkers, giving separate demos for each group, going into more or less detail accordingly. Other than that, we took it in twos to prepare our casts. Emma and I went first (by virtue of having all our bits and pieces ready - which meant we were the ones waiting for an hour for the kiln to ramp up to a high enough temperature so that our inclusions wouldn't ping all over the place. I don't know whether it was for this reason that both of our moulds ended up ma-hoosive & freeform - would we have stopped earlier if we'd had less time? Nah, I don't think so. But we both vowed to do smaller ones for our final pieces.

I also discovered that I'm a wuss - the radiating heat from a huge blob of molten glass is quite - erm - hot!! But we got ourselves sorted, and, if Flickr ever plays ball today, I'll be able to upload photos!

After that, we flameworked - I made my daily marble, and two ladies after Julie's demo. During this time, the others cast two-by-two (Noah's ark for glassy people). I now think I know what to do for my final piece, but will need to work on the inclusions for that. Our first casts (from Tuesday) should be cool enough this morning to come out - keep your fingers crossed.

We all went out in the evening, which was lovely! And ow, it's nearly breakfast time again.....and there'll be a dragon demo. Excited? Moi??? :o))))) Photo to follow once I get Flickr to play nice!


  1. I'm as excited reading about this as you must be doing it! Been loving the photos! Can't wait to see more and the final fruits of everyones work!

  2. Oh, Cyril's brothers and sisters.... :o)
    Be careful with all those hot things around you!

  3. It's been fabulous, truly, such fun. I was like a kid in a sweetshop - I hope the other casts arrive quickly!