Friday, 2 October 2009

Complications... serious ones, just enough for me to wish I knew more about how these things are done. It's our own fault - we overlooked the 'conditions' in the building regs! So when I called and asked whether they seriously wanted us to cart a huge slab of stone in to them (as well as a slate), I was told 'yes'. And the need for a 1:20 drawing of the roof flashings is somewhat hampered by me not knowing what they're talking about, and our roofer being a roofer (and a very good one!), not an architect. Did I mention our fabulous roofer? He's rising to the challenge and getting out pencil & paper, and will also take care of the carting of slabs & slate. In the meantime, foundations for the back wall will be dug by our builder tomorrow (which made me double-check the days of the week!)

So, all's good in the world of studios, just a bit confused!

With no new studio pics, here are some amber rough pups, my favourite of the bead sets currently on my site ;o)


  1. I'd make them gallons of tea and give them lots of biccies because your builders sound wonderful. Are they into beads or jewellery (you can top up their wage!).

  2. Oh the dreaded building regs - I am sure they are written by martians so none of us mortal people can understand them. I am sure your builders and roofers will keep you right!


  3. Lol Mary, apparently, they're coming to the open day I'll hold in November and 'bring the missus', so I'll see if I can do right by them :o) Fiona, I think martian sounds right - definitely not my particular brand of intelligence, anyway - they could be gobbledigook for all I know!