Monday, 14 September 2009

New ventures, but no name!

I've had a play and made this, then I asked around, and the general consensus is to make more. Shown is the prototype, which is perfect for me (i.e. laid back and relaxed), but there will be posher ones, with silk, cotton, wool, yarns, scarves, much more delicate that the one shown.

Question is, with such a wide range (from 'scarf with lampwork bead' to 'fabric necklace with lampwork bead'), what shall I call these little babies of mine? Scarves? Necklaces? Scecklaces? Snarves? Snoozles (my favourite so far)? Ane clever ideas would be gratefully received!


  1. I think snoozles is a great name. I can't think of any thing other than something with "shawl" in it. But the word "cozy" comes to mind too.

    You need people in the marketing business!

  2. Jewarf....? (pronounced giraffe!) Get it?! Jewellery... scarf... jewarf...? No? *Hangs head in shame*

  3. Lol, Billie, you're wasted in that French countryside!

  4. I absolutely love them Sabine :)