Thursday, 17 September 2009

Get your business straight, set a date...

...and don't you dare be late!

That's nearly the lyrics to the song (not wanting to blaspheme), from the musical 'Five Guys Named Moe', which I first came across when I was 17, and I still love it now (think swing & fifties).

Reason for this post is that I've had a date from the builder...a week today, they will descend on my garage. So, I'm getting my business straight, and setting a date. I'll have a 'proper' lampworkers' get-together, but I'm having a simple open studio on Saturday, 21st of November, to coincide with the village Christmas market. Not quite willing to plaster my address all over the internet, email me at if you can come, and I'll send out details (I know, not very open, I'll have to work on that, but I would love to have lovely people there! ;o))