Sunday, 17 April 2011

There *will* be glass - Part 1

As those who know me know, I do love playing with natural forms, and tying them in with fact, maybe you don't know, because I never shared my glassy moss, did I?

Here it is:

Fairy's Abode1

...and it glows in the dark:

Glowing Glass Moss

.....but that's not what I wanted to show.

There's a clever project taking shape in the garden. It *will* involve glass, but only in step Three. Step One involved clearing a bit of the garden, making a circular hole, and filling it with concrete:

A Cunning  Plan

It is happening thanks to my lovely friend Rachel, and a text she sent me last Monday...and the idea kind of grew from there. I realise this is a slightly mysterious post, but all will be revealed ;o)

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