Sunday, 10 April 2011

Homemade Confetti

I've been asked by the lovely Kati to take part in her 'world beautification' project, since the current topic is......the Royal Wedding. The idea is to post a crafty tip, a recipe, anything that inspires others to get crafty. And with the Royal Wedding coming, is there a better time to take a patterned hole-punch to a newspaper (or a Shakespeare-Anthology), to create your own heart-shaped confetti? is also a great way to - erm - recycle/destroy all that annoying press about *that* date and *that* event :o)

Marjorie Moo

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  1. Hey, is Marjorie Moo invited? Sabine, thank you! I like the idea...I wonder if this works with a German newspaper. In GB you might use the "Guardian" for even better results.

    To all creative people in GB: You are cordially invited to join the project! Just add your link to the list here:

    It is a collection of everything crafty and/or delicious to support (or boycott) the Royal wedding. Become a World Beautification Agent!

    If I get some entries from GB, I will make an English version of the Logo, so you can add it to your blog.

    Many greetings,