Thursday, 3 June 2010

Rings at London Glassblowing

I just thought I'd share some exciting news - over the last few nights, I've been busy making rose ring toppers to go down to London Glassblowing, for a special exhibition to coincide with London Jewellery Week. I'm rather excited about this - after I'd made ten, I looked at them, and realised that they were all uni-coloured, so I made three with some funky summer frits - I liked the result so much that I thought I'd call it the 'Ascot Ladies Day' range (and no, I cannot for the life of me decide whether that's intended as a possessive or not, i.e. whether there's an apostrophe missing. I've found both versions. Just adding this because I don't want you to think I missed it out!)

There are 13 rings going to London today, together with a selection of rings, to make sure punters get the right size. I hope somebody takes a picture of them in place....or maybe I need to make a trip down to London to see!


  1. These are so pretty. I love the way you always have some new angle on your roses. Very clever.

  2. I think Becky's exhibiting too but I don't know whether she's going there herself. How long are they there for? I'm going to London but it will be towards the end of June.

    They're fabulous by the way!

  3. Thanks all...Mary, I think for the week initially only, but I'm not 100% sure.....with a bit of luck, they'll all be gone then ;o)

  4. Oh what fun. Polka dots sort of :)Love 'em!

    ...and as regards apostrophes, my little book in the loo taught me something that has bothered me for years, which I now have to share with you (whether you are bovvered or not!). If the word is obviously plural e.g. lady's/ladie's, man's/men's and child's/children's then the apostrophe goes before the "s". The apostrophe goes after in order to indicate to the reader whether more than one person was involved e.g. (one) parent's hats or (two) parents'hats.

    Next grammar lesson convenes in my loo in one hour :)

  5. Thanks both :o) Hilary, thanks for that - what fab loo reading you have! I just wasn't sure whether the term was meant as a possessive (Ladies' Day, the day that belongs to the ladies), or just a title/descripive (Ladies Day, like 'School Day', the day when the ladies come)...most seem to lean towards the latter, but maybe simply because they don't know any better, lol. The little things that keep me happily puzzled!