Thursday, 3 December 2009

Come closer, no, closer, and closer......

I just did an interview. No, that's a lie. I did the interview the other day, parked by the roadside, on my mobile. Today, we did the photo. And what a good photographer avoids, is dead space between his points of interest....i.e. dead space between the torch and me. If anybody in the know happens to see the article, no, I'm not short-sighted, and yes, I am aware of health and safety regulations. And yes, that's my fringe, about two inches away from the flame. What's that smell...? ;o)

The photographer stayed behind to shoot more photos for his portfolio, and got all artistic - which I fully approve of. So, should you ever see a picture of my silhouette illuminated by the radial glow of a blob of glass....ask not what I was making at the time - I was making a blob of glass big enough to produce enough radial heat to light my silhouette :o)

Now, where's the space heater? The garage is cold!

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