Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Leaving the comfort zone...

Following on from the last post, I have been - well...busy! Nothing focuses the mind like pending unemployment. So, in addition to launching a full bridal business at www.nowforevermore.com, I have been stocking my derelict etsy store (http://littlecastledesigns.etsy.com), and tried to keep a steady flow both there and on the 'normal' online shop at www.littlecastledesigns.co.uk. If this looks like a long list of links as part of a desperate flogging attempt...well, I guess it is :-) I've noticed a few things, and I don't know what they mean. I know that some beadmakers appear to be working in the shadows, generating a steady stream of income based mainly on commissions which never see the light of day on the general beading circuit. Others twitter and tweet and blog everything they sell. I'm not saying any which way is better or worse than the other, just that there appears to be more than one way to...stuff a mushroom (never liked skinning cats). And so I thought I'd post all links conveniently together :-)

Here's another:


It's the URL to an ebay auction finishing a week from today, for a lampwork bead based on Edvard Munch's The Scream. Another funny thing. It looks a bit grubby, but that was entirely deliberate. Should I have tried to 'prettify' it by sticking less closely to the original? I don't know. As it is, I've promised myself to try one 'art bead' based on a famous painting per month, for auction. Let's see what happens, eh?

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