Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Mailing List Competition

Here's my first New Year's resolution - I guess it's called being pro-active :o)

I wanted to run a competition for aaaaages and wasn't sure what on - so I decided to mix it all together. So, here's the deal. You have three ways to get your name into the pot:  

1) Joining my mailing list gets your name in once. 
2) Emailing or PMing me an idea for a type of bead you would like to see on my site gets your name in twice. 
3) Buying something or commissioning something gets your name in five times.  

I am running this competition across three boards and on my blog, for two weeks - deadline is 31st of January. I will announce three winners on the first of Feb. Each person can only enter once, but you can enter in all three categories (each category only counts once, so the most times any name will be in the pot will be eight times). 

I will backdate purchases for the whole of January, so if you already bought something in January, your name will automatically go in the pot 5 times. Each winner will be able to specify whether they would prefer to win a rose or a lace set, in a colour of their choice.  

I hope this makes sense, and I hope loads of people enter :)  


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  1. Good luck with the competition, Sabine, I should be in with a chance :-)