Friday, 9 September 2011

Under Pressure

Everybody says children are creative. So when my beloved three-year-old showed me this:

Under Pressure (the first design draft)

I knew that I had to make it work in glass. The same beloved three-year-old has a current obsession with Greek myths, which was kindled by seeing a picture of Atlas. So for a couple of weeks, my head went round and round, thinking of modern versions of 'Atlas', not carrying the heavens, but our daily pressures of the modern era, squeezed for time, for relaxation, balancing all our demands on a fragile base, which may shatter at any moment. And out came this:



The body is not 100% there yet - I could try and fudge that by saying it's starting to get mangled, lol! But I hope I've done munchkin's design proud!


  1. oh wow Sabine, you just get more and more inspiring, amazing