Sunday, 16 January 2011

New year, new...everything :o)

Happy New Year everybody! I'm really looking forward to 201, th first full-time year dedicated to glass! It has been very busy so far already - last Saturday, I spent a fabulous day with photographer Claire Penn (, hair and make-up artist Clare Ardern (, and three gorgeous models - Tabitha Courtney Smith, Terasa XDx and Leah Slater. All six of us trundled up to a farm in Lancashire, took over a barn, and worked our little socks off - well, all the others did, I just made sure the jewellery was facing the right way and suggested a few poses.

The girls were all fabulous - trying to shoot elegant, dreamy and glamorous pictures when it's chucking down with rain, or while you're crouched in a drippy little cubbyhole because of the lovely dark background isn't easy. Clare did a beautiful job transforming the girls for different 'looks', before Claire and I dragged them through the mud. It was very cold and wet, and with only the odd cup of tea and lunch to keep them warm, I'm very grateful everybody was so 'up for it'. You will be seeing more pictures cropping up as they get edited, but here is one to start with, the fabulous Leah Slater modelling a poppy ring.

Alcazar shoot no. 2

To celebrate the new photos, I'm running a little give-away on my Facebook page (, so be sure to look out for it!


  1. Just amazing ~ your ring looks fabulous beautifully photographed!!