Thursday, 2 September 2010

The rest of the festival

It hardly does the International Festival of Glass justice to lump the rest of it into one post - there were other masterclasses, in engraving, Ghanaian bead making, casting, blowing - if I ever thought I was aware of the versatility of this lovely medium, I am now even more aware of it - I just wish I could use them all :o)

The Biennale private preview meeting was rather posh, with press and artists mingling, I now can put more faces to names. During the course of the week, I also met the lovely Carrie Fertig, who has work both in the Biennale and the exhibition at Plowden and Thompson's - I covet one of her feathers :o)

Selling over the week-end was great, because it turned into a 'saying hello to lots of old friends'. On Saturday afternoon, I was back at the Ruskin, presenting my work as part of a quick-fire pecha kucha. That was interesting, and again getting an opportunity to listen to others' inspiration behind their work.

I had to leave on Sunday night, and missed all of the lectures and demos - on Friday, I had a go at glassblowing, and I was absolutely thrilled with the, just where could I get the money and space for a glassblowing studio??

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