Monday, 19 April 2010


It seems all I'm doing is apologising for not why break with this new tradition - apologies!

Last week-end was the Flame Off, and I had such a marvellous time! I left Sheffield at 5.30am on Friday, driving down to Towcester to join my friend Sarah for breakfast. In my car, I had a whole load of rings, and all the ring toppers I'd managed to make...slightly hampered by the fact that my kiln had broken down last week!!! As a result of this, I didn't have enough stock - apologies to all who came to the stall not being able to find ring rose toppers!! Becky and Sarah were great company as fellow store holders - thanks, ladies! At 3.45pm, a voice came over the tannoy, asking for Sabine Little to report upstairs....time for my demonstration, in front of crowd and cameras :o) I thoroughly enjoyed myself demonstrating - apart maybe from the hole that piece of pinged-off stringer burnt into my thigh :o)

Doing the demo was my absolute highlight...although next morning came close, when Sharon Peters gifted me with her demonstration bead from the day before - thanks so much, Sharon, he has already assumed his pride of place!!!

Friday night, I went out for a curry with the fabulous Downton family (and the equally fabulous Sarah & Simon & Becky). Becky heroically did the driving, while Sarah, Sarah and I indulged in the vino stuff - three glasses later, sleeping was no problem!

Saturday was more selling, and making a couple of purchases - I've got a new press to play with :o)) I was asked for an impromptu demonstration of a butterfly - thanks to Richard Downton for letting me use the photo :o)

And then, all too early, it was time to go home many people to hug and chat to, so little time! Thankfully, I'll be seeing a fair few of my glassy friends on our holidays in Devon in the not-too-distant future. But still - roll on next year!!!


  1. You are looking so happy - great pic and thanks for posting. I have heard to late about Flame off, I wish I could be there.

    ♥ Manuela, the first time here

  2. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it and so much fun and success :o)

  3. sound like you had loads of fun,x

  4. I really loved your demo Sabine - I've never seen decoration roses done the way you did them before. Admiration for anyone that can go and work on a different torch, away from all your usual set up, infront of soo many people, talk and not even squeel when your jeans get burned!

    Good choice of demos too, there was something for everyone. When I got home I was making a leaf, and rather then do the stacked dots, I had a go pulling the leaf the way you make your rose petals!

    It was a real pleasure and sitting in the audience you feel really proud when it's one of your own up there!!


    Trudi x

  5. Just to ditto Trudi - loved the demo and will try out this weekend. You did very well - so professional - roll on next year!

  6. Thank you everybody, and welcome Manuela - it would have been lovely to meet you! Will you be at Wertheim? I'm still contemplating popping over......