Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Some days are diamonds...

This morning while I drove to work, a song was playing on the radio, and it started with 'Some days are diamonds, and some days are rocks'. I googled it, and found it attributed to Tom Petty - and here was me thinking it was original, lol. Anyway, yesterday was a diamond of a day - or evening. While not all beads turned out beautiful, I learnt something with every one I made. And the glass was so well behaved. How funny that on days when nothing goes right, even the most forgiving glass shatters all around you, whereas on good days, even tricky techniques behave themselves?! Why is that? Do we relax more, making us less anxious? I've learnt the hard way that roses can't be rushed - if you don't take the time to keep it all warm, it'll just shatter in your hand. Maybe that has taught me more discipline with other beads as well...either way, last night, Sherry Bellamy's technique came together in a way that is different to her beads, so hurrah!

Also, the roses are getting bigger. Valerie (shown here) clocked in at 48mm across, the biggest I'd ever made....then came Racquel. She might be my entry for Beads & Beyond, so should I show her? ;o) Finally, I've found a way to glamourise the butterflies, so 'Akira' has Uranium-yellow wings dipped in gold. Me=Happy Bunny!

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  1. All are really gorgeous I do love the butterfly wings though!