Friday, 31 October 2008


Okay, this might be getting a bit deep, but bear with me. I've just returned from a conference (not on beadmaking, alas!), and one of the things we spoke about there was around identities, how they form, how you become who you are. So I thought I'd do a little post on what beadmaking means to me, and if anybody feels happy to share, do butt in :o))

I guess when I look at who I am, 'learner' would top the list. I love learning, curiosity shapes my entire being, I always want to know how, why, what, the same time, I enjoy creating, but prefer a fire-and-brimstone approach to creativity (if it could hurt me, it's gotta be more fun...I wonder what that says about me ;o)) In beadmaking, I have found a hobby where there is no 'finished' point - you finish the bead, you learn new skills, but do you ever 'master' them? This idea fits in well with the concept of eternal learning, and the unpredictability of the medium means you never get complacent - just when you think you've mastered silver-rich glass (not that I have!!), a new one comes along and throws you all over again, or you combine it with a different glass, and the learning journey begins anew. So......I guess that's why I make beads. To carry on down the yellow-brick-road of learning, without the chance of ever arriving, and therefore no danger of that odd?


  1. Hello there!

    Mmmm, that's an interesting subject. I make jewellery and not beads. I haven't convinced myself yet that I am a jewellery maker, I just have fun playing with glass sweets! I don't know if this makes sense, but I have different identities for different people. They are all part of me (mother, wife, friend etc) but not everybody gets to see the whole. After all, you've got to keep a little something for yourself! (nemea)

  2. Mary, I did a whole project about that at college and it is where my business name comes from - people as chameleons changing to fit with their role / situation and my uni work is about facets of character who sees you how !!

    Very thought provoking post Sabine :)) I like your blog lots already :))

  3. That's really interesting, I guess because my two roles of mother/beadmaker evolved completely simultaneously. And I do think there is a reason for that. I do think I was rather well adjusted before having a baby - well established in my job, happy within myself...having a baby makes you so entirely responsible for somebody else, I guess I wanted to balance that with something that was entirely for me. Lol, this blog is getting deeper and deeper!

  4. I think that there is also an element of trying to reconcile aspects of a personality as well. At least there is for me. I am an impatient person given to mood swings I can flare up quickly and settle down just as quick but lampworking is teaching me patience or at least how to chill!! To be frank lampworking was my "Saving grace" it came along at a very low point and I am on a journey with it and myself!! very thought provoking compared to my blog!!! LOL

  5. :o) I promise to reign it in in future ;o)

  6. No! Don't reign in your thought-provoking posts. I usually lurk for a bit before commenting, but you lured me in with these posts...

    I had to LOL at the "fire and brimstone approach to creativity - if it could hurt me, it's gotta be more fun." That doesn't quite describe me. I'm more of a chicken when it comes to dangerous activities. I'm already quite the klutz when it comes to fairly safe activities (like walking). So, why would I play with fire? However, I find I take the responsibility of fire more seriously than the responsibility of walking.

    I do identify with the "learner" concept. It's fun to explore without having a destination in mind. This is a new concept to my personality that I'm exploring with lampwork.